The Top Places to Go Hiking in Scotland

Traveling and active? Interested in hiking in Scotland? 

Hiking is a great way to truly take in all the sights a country has to offer. There’s no better way to see the world – genuinely see it – than to throw yourself into nature itself.

If you’re ready to hit the trails in Europe, grab your supplies: we’ve got 5 of the best hiking opportunities in Scotland.

Hiking in Scotland: the 5 best walks

The Saddle (Kintail)

This trail is one of the most sought-after in Scotland, after Munroe. Even if it doesn’t top your list, it’s a great addition to your bucket list.

It’s also challenging. It offers a grade 1/2 scramble. If heights are your thing, you’ll dive right into them – figuratively. This range has a ton of exposure for the regular thrill-seeker.

However, if you’re not ready to face your fears or deal with the more challenging aspects of this trail, there’s an opt-out trail. You’ll still get a feel for them mountain’s character, but the technicalities won’t be forced on you.

Ben Alligin (Torridon)

This one takes you far. Very far.

For instance, you’ll start at about 5m above sea level. What’s the highest point on this walk? 986m. 

While this may be enough to get your blood pumping, you also get to take in the amazing scenery.

Similarly to our first offering, this offers grade 1/2/ scrambling. However, you can avoid this as well and still keep the essence of the hike.

Quinag (Sutherland)

This trail has it all: steep cliffs and an amazing view.

This trail is remote, covered in ice, and the peak looks over Diarmid’s home. Get to the top and you can overlook time itself.

The mountain is over 3 billion years old and it used to be a pasture until people were cleared from the area.

While this trail may seem advanced, like a level of a video game you need to unlock, the steepness of the cliffs and the nature of the range are pretty easy for hikers.

Sandwood Bay (Sutherland)

Let’s switch gears for a second. There are a few mountains, which is to be expected when hiking in Scotland. But what about other scenery?

Scottland also offers beautiful beaches. Sandwood Bay offers hikers a secluded walk that seems untainted by humans or time.

It is a popular destination – and a historic one. The Spanish Armada and Vikings both sailed past these beautiful dunes and water.

The Ring of Steall (Mamores)

After a quick beachside detour, we’re back to the mountains. 

The Ring of Steall offers hikers one of the most beautiful, expansive views of the highlands. Additionally, you’ll catch a glimpse of Scotland’s highest waterfall.

This may seem like a good walk for beginners as there aren’t any technical challenges. However, you should be warned about the narrow sections involved in the walk.

However, these only add to the magnificence. 


Hiking is an exhilarating way for thrill-seekers to get the most out of their vacation. It’s not all about lounging with cocktails on a beach!

If you have any trails in Scotland you swear by or anything we may have missed, feel free to let us know!

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