The Best Spots to Go Hiking in Norway

Are you seriously in love with hiking?

If so, hiking in Norway should have a special place on your bucket list!

Norway is one of the top countries for hiking worldwide, combining unique landscapes, breathtaking fjords, lakes, and forests. Not to mention, the iconic natural phenomena of the northern lights. 

Not to mention, the iconic natural phenomena of the northern lights!

Depending on your experience and where you want to visit, there is a wide range of trails to choose from; each one of them seems out of this world and they are all definitely irresistible for every hiker.

Let’s get inspired by taking a look at the best spots to go hiking in Norway!

Besseggen Ridge

Located in the Jotunheimen National Park, this ridge is the most famous of its kind in Norway. It’s a thrilling five-to-seven hour hike one way. And every year, more than 30,000 people enjoy the stunning scenery that this trail provides.

Hikers usually complete this hike in one day. 

The Besseggen Ridge does not require any special skill but you do need to be in a good physical condition. Also, you might consider packing a tent and spending a night under the beautiful starry sky of “The Home of the Giants.” 


Also located in the Jotunheimen National Park, this is the highest peak of Norway, as well as the highest mountain in Northern Europe. But if you’re a beginner, don’t panic – no special mountaineering skills required!

Galdhøpiggen is a three-hour hike one way, including 45 minutes spent to cross the Styggebreen glacier, which it’s relatively challenging itself. Once you reach the top, you may want to relax and grab a drink at the small cabin available at your destination. 

Bunes Beach

The best time to visit the Lofoten Islands is winter. Why? Because of the Northern Lights of course! The

The Bunes Beach is an isolated and stunning beach reached only from Reine by ferry. 

An amazing spot to catch the sunset and let your eyes wander at awe-inspiring views. As for the trail, it only takes two to three hours and it’s quite easy. And it’s also family friendly. 


If you want extreme adventures, here is a spot that even the local tourist offices will warn you about! In fact, it’s stated that you hike at your own risk. Also located in the Lofoten Islands and above Reine, it leads to some steep and rocky ascents.

The trail of Reinebringen is short and takes up to 2-3 hours both ways. Get ready to stand in front of an incredible panorama, and keep in mind that in case you are up to setting a tent on the top, you need to be well equipped. 


There are many reasons to go hiking; it’s healthy, fun, it’s nourishing for your mind, and undoubtedly an amazing travel experience.

Countless hikers across the world cannot get enough from this country and now you know why.

Are you ready for a lifetime experience?

This is exactly what these spots for hiking in Norway are. 

Prepare your backpack and get ready for a new adventure!

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