5 Places You Have to Go Hiking in Italy

Italia! Il Paese D’Amore. Living or visiting this country is like no other. Italy has so much to offer in terms of good food, culture, and people that it’s easy to ignore the scenery.

Oh, what a scene. Roughly the size of California, this country packs a lot in its small boot print. From coastlines, rolling hills, towering Alps, and even a volcano here and there, Italy has it all.

That’s what makes hiking in Italy all the more magical. If you happen to find yourself in the Italian countryside, looking for a nice trail to spend some time on, look no further. We are going to cover five of the best trails you can explore to work off the extra cannoli you couldn’t resist.

Sella-Herbetet Traverse

Let’s start with the toughest first. If you’re looking for a true hike, something that will make your lungs work, this one is for you. The Sella-Herbetet Traverse is a 20.5km long trail located in the Graian Alps

This one makes hiking in Italy unique. You will be surrounded by mountains and lush wilderness the entire way. Plan accordingly because if you want to tackle the whole thing, expect to be on the trail for up to 10 hours.

Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Those wanting the mountain experience without the potential for collapsing will enjoy the Tre Cime di Lavaredo. Located in the Dolomites, this is a 9.5km long trail that allows people to walk along the entire path in a single day.

Sentiero Degli Dei

The Path of the Gods is fitting for anyone wanting to immerse themselves into the picturesque view of Italy you always see in the travel brochures. At only 8km, this will off a nice and relaxing stroll around the southern Italian coastline. For many people, this is the exact thing they picture when thinking about hiking in Italy.


Let’s forego any food related jokes about this trail’s name and simply focus on what’s important: hike this if you want the experience of walking on a volcano. The hike is an 8km circular path around a young (40,000 years old) volcano on the Aeolian Islands.

This hike allows you to climb all the way to the crater. Safety equipment and nerves of steel are required in order to brave this epic and memorable trek.

Sentiero Azzurro

Cinque Terre is one of Italy’s most photographed travel locations and the Sentiero Azzurro, or Blue Trail, will put you right in the middle of the region. At 12km in length, this one will take you through small, colorful towns, olive groves, and beautiful hillsides.

Hiking In Italy

It’s not every day you can say that you’ve been exploring one of the world’s most beautiful countries. Hiking in Italy is truly a unique experience that may alone be worth a visit to the country.

For more information, tips, and recommendations check out the rest of the blog. Until then, avete un buon viaggio!

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