Hiking In France: 5 Trails You Must Do

Looking to go hiking in France? 

In this post, we’re sharing 5 of the country’s best trails for every experience level with you!

1. The Mont Blanc Tour

This is the perfect way to introduce the top hiking trails in France, as it’s known as one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. 

It’s also the highest mountain in all of Europe, so if you plan to hike the whole thing, you’ll need to be in good shape. (It’s also suggested that you go either with a guide or with a group of friends, to stay safe.) 

Be sure to check out the “Chemin des Rognes” route, which only takes between 3-4 hours and is a bit easier. You’ll also be treated to stunning valley views, and you’ll see the famous Glacier d’Argentiere.

2. The Trails Through Alsatian Villages

You’ll feel like you’re on the set of a French film while on this trail in the beautiful Alsace region. 

This area is incredibly special and has even been declared a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. 

After you hike for roughly three miles (it’s a fairly easy trail) you’ll be greeted with the quaint Begin village. We know you’ll love the flowers and vines that line the pathways and adorn the houses there. 

Be sure to see the Kayserberg trail that cuts through the villages. It’s been around since the 13th Century!

3. The Béarn Mountains

This stunning trail takes you across lush farmland, scenic hills and mountains, and more. Especially if you’re looking for views of the French countryside, this is the trail for you. 

You’ll likely even run into some local animal life, like friendly goats and sheep. Be sure to pack a bathing suit, as you can take a relaxing dip in one of the many waterfalls you’ll encounter on your way. 

4. The Nietzsche Path

You don’t need to be a philosopher to enjoy hiking in France. 

But you do need to check out this trail, which is located on the stunning French Riviera. This trail begins in the beautiful ancient village of Eze, which is located high above the sea. 

Be sure to pack a camera!

Even from the start, you’ll be treated to once-in-a-lifetime views. You might even be able to see the Italian coastline if it’s a sunny day!

Be warned though – this isn’t a beginner-friendly hike. 

It contains lots of stone stairs and tough inclines. Still, it’s short, and will only take about an hour and a half to complete. 

5. The Villages Of The Luberon Mountains

When you think of France, if images of hidden, rustic villages come to mind, then this is the trail for you. This area is so stunning, it’s even been listed as a UNESCO nature reserve site. 

You’ll have a chance to tour villages that date back to medieval times, many of which dot the gorgeous hilltops of the countryside.

Be sure to check out the hike along the Gordes village, which will only take a few hours to walk. From there, head to Roussillon, which has been described as one of the most beautiful villages in the country – and the world. 

You’re Ready To Go Hiking In France

Thanks to this list, you should feel inspired to think outside of Paris!

For more of the world’s best hiking trails, check out our website. 

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