Hiking in Canada 101

When you think of Canada, you may think of Royal Mounties, maple syrup, and genuine friendliness. Don’t forget about Canada’s lush and extensive scenery. This country is known for some of the best hiking adventures that can be found anywhere on the planet.

Hiking in Canada is truly a unique experience. You can expect to find yourself in a wide variety of environments that highlight the country’s diverse ecosystems.

If all of this sounds exciting, then read on to discover some of the top places to hike in this beautiful country.

Duck Mountain

One of the first destinations on this list is also one of the most often overlooked. Many people can’t even point to Saskatchewan on a map, which is a shame.

Duck Mountain Provincial Park is a top-rated hiking experience. 14 km of rich wildlife and forest will surround you on this hiking experience. This hike is especially perfect in the spring and summer times when the temperatures are comfortable and the foliage is in full bloom.

Arcadian Trail

There’s something to be said for hiking near water. It is a calming experience that almost makes you reflect on yourself.

The Arcadian Trail is one such experience. A small 8.4 km loop will have you exploring the various mountainous terrain and ocean views of Cape Breton Highlands National Park. It’s best to do this in the summer time since, as many locals of Nova Scotia will tell you, the weather gets cold quickly as winter rears its ugly head.

Bruce Trail

Searching for something long? Then Bruce Trail is right up your alley. As Canada’s oldest and longest marked footpath, it will present plenty of hiking opportunities for you to do over an extended period of time. 890 km is going to take several days, if not weeks to get through much of the diverse terrain that spans through southern and central Ontario.

The trail is separated into nine sections. The terrain ranges from easy, long stretches of flatlands to more challenging spots of Rocky treks.

Sea To Sky Trail

Whistler, British Columbia took the spotlight in 2010 as the location of the alpine and ski events during the 2010 Winter Olympics. Even though this is a premier winter destination, spring, summer, and fall are also unique if you choose to do the Sea To Sky Trail.

A recent addition, the trail runs between Whistler and Squamish. With a total of the 180 km, this trail has some of the largest elevation changes on the list. If you do it from start to finish, you’ll start near sea level in Squamish and then proceed up towards the mountains in Whistler.

Hiking In Canada

It’s hard to go wrong when looking for the perfect spot to hike in Canada. This country is so large that if you threw a stone in any direction, you would likely hit the perfect opportunity to spend a day out in nature.

If you’re interested in other potential hiking tips or advice, you can find more on the rest of the blog.

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