The 5 Coolest Hiking Trails in Oregon

No matter your skill level, you deserve to experience the beauty of nature through hiking!

In this post, we’re going to share with you the five best hiking destinations in Oregon. 

Get out your maps, pack your meals, and hit these trails for breathtaking experiences you’ll never forget!

1. Silver Creek Falls In Silverton

The trails in this beautiful State Park are some of the best hiking trails in Oregon.

There are over 10 stunning waterfall views dotted along the more than 25 miles of available hiking trails. 

Since this is the largest state park in Oregon, it never gets too overcrowded. It has a trail for every skill level, so it’s certainly family-friendly. 

Keep your eye out for the wildlife, especially the deer!

2. Angels Rest In Columbia River Gorge

This trail is about 5 miles long, but give yourself more time than you think you need. It’s known to be tough terrain even for experienced hikers!

The climb is certainly worth the incredible views of the Gorge and the beautiful Oregon landscape.

Almost every moment of the hike is the perfect photo opportunity. Think lush green landscapes and cool, glittering waters as far as the eye can see!

3. Opal Creek In Lyons

Especially if you’re a fan of the rustic, this is one of the most popular hiking trails. 

This trail is a bit off the beaten path, so either get an early start or set aside the whole day to cover this 7-mile trail. 

The trail isn’t difficult, but it’s a goldmine for history buffs. 

It offers the perfect combination between man and nature. Alongside the natural beauty of the creek, you’ll find wooden bridges, waterfalls, and even sheds!

We especially love stopping to look at the mining equipment left behind.

4. Smith Rock In Terrebone

The trails in this gorgeous State Park are not to be missed. It’s so beautiful, it was even in the movie Wild!

If you’re looking for a serious workout, then any of these 12 trails are for you. 

You’ll get a great view of the iconic, jutting rock formation. Why not throw in a little climbing while you’re at it?

Pets are allowed, but only on leashes.

5. Abiqua Falls In Scotts Mills

This is a great hike for those that only have a short time, as it’s only a little over 2.5 miles long. 

The stunning views of the waterfall and rock formations are the perfect way to end this hike and connect with nature, but be warned: this is one of the tougher hiking trails in Oregon. 

This means it’s not suited for beginners or children. 

However, it’s a great photo opportunity. In the warmer months, you can even take a swim!

You’re Ready To Take On The Best Hiking Trails In Oregon

Thanks to this list, you can begin planning your trip to Oregon today. Or, if you already live there, we hope we’ve inspired you to take a day trip to some of these trails. 

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We’ve got you covered. 

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