Beautiful Hiking Trails in Wyoming to Check Out

Looking for some adventure? Hiking is a great way to spend time with friends and/or family, disconnect from all of the technology, and simply enjoy nature. Plus, there are many benefits that hiking provides!

Convinced? Check out these hiking trails in Wyoming!

Easier Hiking Trails in Wyoming

There is a wide range of options when it comes to finding hiking trails in Wyoming. For those looking for an easier climb, check out the list below.

Artists’ Paintpots Trail

This trail is located in Yellowstone National Park, on the west side, and about 3.7 miles south of the Norris Geyser Basin. 

The mixed trail made of dirt and boardwalk will lead you along the south edge of the Gibbon Meadows and to colorful hot pots and pools. With only 125 feet of elevation along the 1.1-mile long loop, the trail is great for everyone who wishes to gaze at the wonders Yellowstone has to offer.

Tower Trail

This hiking trail circles the Devils Tower, a National Monument that raises 867 feet above the surrounding pine forest. The tower’s 1-mile circumference allows for an easy 1.6-mile loop to be hiked. Throughout the hike, the elevation gradually rises 150 feet. 

The unique formation puzzles geologists and enchants tourists with its wide symmetric columns.

More Difficult Hiking Trails

If the hiking trails listed previously sound a bit too easy, check out these trails!

Death Canyon and Static Peak Divide

Located within the Grand Teton National Park, the Death Canyon and Static Peak Divide provides hikers with amazing sights as they go up to Phelps Lake Overlook, an amazing spot for a break.

The trail begins at the White Grass Ranger Station, takes you towards Phelps Lake, and ends at Fox Creek Pass. The amazing views of the Albright Peak and Prospectors Mountain will make the challenging hike worthwhile.

Beware, this trail is a prime bear habitat fro both grizzlies and black bears. So make sure you bring your bear spray!

Sleeping Indian

The mountain’s resemblance to a Native American in full headdress sleeping on his back is remarkable, earning the mountain the nickname of the Sleeping Indian.

A challenging 12-14 mile hike up the Sleeping Indian, officially named Sheep Mountain due to the bighorn sheep that are frequently grazing there, will give you the best views of the entire Teton Mountain range. 

The hike will take about 8-9 hours and is dog-friendly. However, the beginning of the trail is not marked and may require you to beat away some bushes.

Make sure you bring plenty of water for this trip! There are not too many natural sources of water along the way.

Serious Hikers Only

For those who are not new to hiking and are looking for a challenge and some camping, check out these hiking trails in Wyoming!

Teton Crest Trail

This 35-mile backpacking trail is for those hikers who are looking for a challenge. 

Residing near Jackson, the trail consists of 3 large hills and 3 high country lakes. With the continual ups and downs of the trail, completion will take around 6 days.

Lizard Head Trail

The difficult 42-mile loop near Pinedale is not for beginners. Crossing over the Continental Divide 2 times and containing 3 steep ascents, the Lizard Head Trail is nothing to scoff at.

The entire journey will be around 5-7 days through the Southern Wind River Range allowing for amazing photo opportunities and gorgeous sights.

What are you waiting for? Get your things in gear and choose one of these trails for some spectacular views and memories that you will never forget!

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