Top 10 Hiking Trails in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is full of amazing hiking trails, but how do you decide which are the best? Read here to see the top 10 hiking trails in Wisconsin.

When you’re a hiking enthusiast, just any trail won’t do. Especially if you live in Wisconsin, where many of the best hiking trails are difficult to find. An in-depth hiking database is your friend if you want to find the best trails around.

We put together a list of the best hiking trails in Wisconsin so you don’t have to do the research. Check out what we found!

Top Ten Best Hiking Trails In Wisconsin

Wisconsin may be cold, but these trails are beautiful and challenging no matter the weather.

10. Devil’s Lake State Park

Devil’s Lake is a part of the famous Ice Age Trail.

This intense hiking trail offers unbelievable views and a very challenging hike. Some of the steepest parts of this trail have never been touched by human feet and only a tiny percentage of the nearly one-million visitors ever make it to the top.

9. Green Tree Loop

Schlitz Audubon Nature Center’s hiking trail is six miles of beautiful meadows and woods. Part of the trail lines a lakeshore as well.

8. Bearskin State Trail

Located in Hiawatha, this lovely trail is about thirty miles long. Ever nook and cranny of this trail is packed with lush foliage, bridges, and rock formations.

7. Gibraltar Rock State Natural Area

Another segment of the Ice Age Trail is located north of Madison in Gibraltar Rock State Natural Area. Lined with beautiful red oak and cedar, even the view from the bottom is stunning.

Exercise caution, though. The super steep 200-foot cliffs do not have protective guardrails and are so dangerous that rock climbing has been banned.

6. Ice Age Trail’s Monches Segment

The Monches portion of the Ice Age Trail is around three miles one way and follows the Oconomowoc River. The river scenery is beautiful, particularly in spring.

5. Peninsula State Park’s Sentinel Trail

If you’re a fan of trees, this trail is for you. Maple, pine, beech, and oak trees line this simple two-mile hiking trails and is great for sight-seeing.

You also get to pass an old pine plantation and most of the trail is graveled. A great spot for families.

4. Scuppernong Trail, Southern Unit Kettle Moraine State Forest

Stretching over 22,000 acres just south of Milwaukee, this beautiful state forest boasts one of the best hiking trails in Wisconsin. Lush greenery and skiing trails line the hiking trails, and there are ample bathrooms and running water available throughout the hiking area.

3. Sand Cave Trail

Wyalusing State Park’s Sand Cave Trail has ravines, caves, and lush trees. A great spot for the nature buff. The view from the top of the cave is beautiful as well, especially in fall when the leaves have turned to gold.

2. Old Settlers Trail

Wildcat Mountain State Park’s iconic trail may only be a two-mile trail, but it covers a four hundred foot elevation above the beautiful landscape of Vernon’s valleys below.

1. Copper Falls State Park’s North Country National Scenic Trail

Almost ten miles of this scenic trail are within the state park located in Mellen. This trail features beautiful waterfalls, breathtaking canyon, and a dangerous 4-meter drop into the treacherous rapids. Caution is recommended and this may not be the best trail for families or newbie hikers.

How was our guide to the best hiking trails in Wisconsin? Tell us what you think, along with your favorite hiking trails in Wisconsin, in the comments below!

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