Jaw Dropping Hiking Trails in West Virginia

There are a lot of jokes about West Virginia out there.

But one of them isn’t how jaw-droppingly beautiful the hiking trails in West Virginia are.

There are also many beautiful things to see in the West Virginia wilderness and there are many reasons to go hiking there.

Your health, the views, the history and participating in other recreational sports are among our favorite reasons to hit the hiking trails in West Virginia this year.

To help you out, here are a few facts about some of our favorite hiking trails in West Virginia. 

The National Parks Have Great Hiking Trails in West Virginia

There are a ton of national parks located in West Virginia. 

They all have great hiking trails, too.

Here are favorite 5 national parks to get started with.

  1. Coopers Rock State Forest: Located near Bruceton Mills, this place offers over 50 miles of trails offering great hiking and views of a stunning Cheat River Gorge.
  2. Harper’s Ferry: Located between the Shenandoah and Potomac rivers, it’s considered one of the best walking parks in the US. It’s the perfect spot for history lovers, too.
  3. Green Brier State Forest: Offers 5,100 acres of mountainous terrain with the highest mountain, Kate’s Mountain peaking at 3,280 feet.
  4. Little Beaver State Park: This park boasts 18 trails and an 18-acre lake where you can rent paddle boats. This place caters mostly to families.
  5. Stonewall Resort State Park: 1,900 acres where you can hike, boat, golf, camp, hit the spa and get married. There’s truly something for everyone at every level here.

Hiking Trails in West Virginia Have Great Views

A mountainous state means that there are no shortages of hiking trails in West Virginia.

It also means there are no shortages of amazing views.

Here are our favorite top 5.

  1. Long Point Trail: Located at New River Gorge, you’ll get to see an amazing gorge, along with plenty of waterfalls and streams.
  2. Overlook Rock Trail: A 1.5-mile hike in Kanawha State Forest, the entire way feels like a walk in an enchanted forest until you reach the top which gives way to wide open views that surround the nearby town of Charleston.
  3. High Knob Fire Tower: A 3-mile hike and a 650-foot climb but it’s worth it for the open meadow and 360-degree views of 2 states seen at the top of the fire tower.
  4. Dolly Sods: Located in Monongahela National Forest, there are 50 miles of trails and so many great views that people often take a few days to take it all in.
  5. Raven Rock Trail: Coopers Rock State Forest also offers biking, rock climbing, and camping.

Enjoy Great Wildlife While Hiking in West Virginia

Beautiful views are spectacular but sometimes it’s fun to see some of the native creatures during your hike. 

West Virginia is home to over 70 species of wild animals, 57 species of reptiles and amphibians and almost 300 species of birds. 

Remember to bring your binoculars but also remember these are wild animals and to take basic safety measures.

Here are a few you might run into during your hike:

  • Skunks
  • Possums
  • Bears
  • Snakes
  • Birds

The great part about the hiking trails in West Virginia is that there is something for every level of interest and ability

We’re here to help you get started and make sure you have a happy, healthy, enjoyable hiking experience. 

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