Top 10 Hiking Trails in Vermont

Vermont is often known as the home state of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. 

But this small state has a lot more to boast about.

There are over 1,000 miles of hiking trails in Vermont to explore.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to hike, we’ll show you the top ten hiking trails in Vermont. 

1. Mount Mansfield – Hell Brook Trail

Mount Mansfield is the highest mountain in Vermont. 

There are several trails you can take to see all the best scenic views in the state.

One of these trails, Hell Brook Trail, can take you over 2,600 feet high into “The Chin” of Mount Mansfield. 

While it is only a short 4-mile hike, it does provide you a challenge.

2. Hamilton Falls – West River Trail

If you’d like to see one of the many waterfalls in Vermont, you’ll want to take this hiking trail.

This is a longer hike, a staggering sixteen miles long, but it is worth the effort. 

You’ll be able to cross a bridge to pass over a small creek. This trail also offers a campground if you choose to stay and enjoy the views.

3. Brattleboro Retreat Trail Network

These trails date back to the 1800s and are located near the Retreat Farm.

The hiking trails in Vermont are open to the public so you can access these anytime you’d like. 

The Retreat offers nine miles of trails that wind through the 400 acres of forest. You can see sites such as the Harris Hill Ski Jump and the Retreat Tower. 

4. The Long Trail

This trail is the oldest trail in the United States.

One of the longest hiking trails in Vermont, it spans nearly 250 miles.

If you’re preparing to hike all the way through this trail that takes you from the Canadian border to the state line of Massachusetts, you’ll definitely want to be prepared.

There are several campsites along the way and you can choose which parts of the trail you’d like to explore.

5. Mount Ascutney – Weathersfield Trail

This trail lies just west of the Connecticut River. 

Here you can see fabulous waterfalls and hike to the summit observation tower. From there you’ll be able to see below to the beautiful land of Vermont.

6. Killington Peak – Bucklin Trail

This trail will take you to the second highest point of Vermont. 

You’ll be able to see several views from this point, including the Green and White Mountains and the Adirondacks.

This is a moderate 7-mile hike that will be a perfect day trip! 

7. Haystack Mountain Trail

This is a 3-mile hike that you can enjoy with your family.

On this hiking trail in Vermont, you’ll be able to see the Haystack Pond and experience beautiful views of other mountain peaks. 

The beautiful water will make this trek well worth it. Hikers state that you can see right through the clear water.

8. Mount Pisgah

Are you wanting to see some awesome wildlife while you’re on your hike?

This is one of the best hiking trails in Vermont to do so.

You’ll hike 3 miles to the top of Mount Pisgah. You may see hawks and falcons on this hike! 

The breathtaking cliffs will give you a view of Lake Willoughby. 

9. Glastenbury Mountain – Appalachian Trail

If you’re looking for an exciting overnight trip, you may want to check out this exciting trail.

This hike will take you over Glastenbury Mountain and provides 22 miles of wilderness to explore.

There are camping sites available, and if you choose, day hikes to take as well.

10. Elmore Mountain

This is the perfect hike for those of you who want to get in the mountains during the winter.

This mountain hike offers beautiful views and old stone remnants that you can explore.

There’s even a beautiful lake nearby that you can experience during the summer months.

Get in touch with nature by experiencing hiking trails in Vermont

Hiking is a great way to get out and experience all the beauty that Vermont has to offer.

There are tons of options for you to choose from, no matter how experienced you are at hiking.

Don’t waste another minute, get hiking in Vermont! 

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