The Best Hiking Trails in New York

We don’t need to tell you the benefits of hiking.

Whether you do it because it’s a good workout or you simply love the outdoors, hiking has been proven to make people happier and healthier. 

Now if you’re looking for hiking trails in New York, we’ve got just the thing. Check out our list of the best hiking spots in NYC.

Good Luck Lake and Cliffs Trail

If you want to take it easy, choose the trail that leads to the lake. But if you’re up for some challenge, go for the trail that will take you the cliffs. Don’t worry, your effort will be rewarded with fantastic views of the Southern Adirondacks. 

You can bring your dog with you but make sure you keep him or her on a leash. 

Distance: 5.8 miles

Phelps Trail

One of our favorite hiking trails in New York, Phelps Trail is located near Keene Valley. 

There are quite steep sections so you must be in good shape. The good news is that you don’t need any special gear with you. You can also bring your kids and your dog if you want. 

Distance: 8.2 miles

Lollypop Farm Trail

Don’t worry if you’re a beginner. Anyone, regardless of skill level, can do this trail. 

Located near Fairport, Lollypop Farm Trail is a nice, easy trail – perfect for the whole family. Best of all, this trail is accessible year-round. 

Distance: 1.3 miles

Christman Sanctuary Trail

Another easy trail, Christman Sanctuary Trail is located near Delanson. Here, you’ll be treated to amazing views of three waterfalls, and the path can also be used by joggers and cross-country skiers.

Best used from April through October, Christman Sanctuary is perfect for beginners. 

Distance: 2.2 miles

Breakneck Ridge Trail

Breakneck Ridge is probably one of the most difficult hiking trails in New York but definitely one of the most popular. Located near Beacon, the trail will challenge you but will reward you with great views of the Hudson Valley. On a clear day, you’ll be treated to a fantastic view of the Manhattan skyline. 

Distance: 5.9 miles

Hadley Mountain Trail

This moderate trail offers not just a wonderful view of the Great Sacandaga Lake but also an open fire tower (owing to the history of forest fires that razed the area around Hadley Mountain).

Even if you don’t climb the fire tower, you can still get good views to the east, south, and west. But if you want great views in all directions, you can’t miss the fire tower, which has been recently restored.

Distance: 2.6 miles

Anthony’s Nose Trail

Located near Cortlandt Manor, Anthony’s Nose is a difficult trail. It’s worth it though just for the breathtaking views of the Hudson River and Bear Mountain Ridge. 

If you want a longer hike, you can start from the Camp Smith Trail. 

Distance: 7.7 miles 

Buttermilk Falls Gorge Trail

We’ll end this list with another moderate trail. Located near West Nyack, Buttermilk Falls features a waterfall and five short but challenging trails including the Blue Trail.

Distance: 1.7 miles

Looking for More Hiking Trails in New York?

Check out our other listings for the Northeast. You can also leave us a comment here if you want to share with us your favorite hiking trails in New York.  

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