The Top 10 Hiking Trails in Missouri

Missouri’s natural beauty is wonderful to experience.

And what better way to experience that beauty than on an invigorating hike?

Hiking lets you get up close and personal with nature. If you’re looking to experience a place in a unique way, hiking is one of the best ways to do it.

With that in mind, here are ten of the best hiking trails in Missouri.

Lost Valley Trail

Lost Valley Trail is a dog-friendly loop that features a moderate terrain. With a beautiful river, this location bills itself as “a combination of woodsy trails, old roads and a few streams to cross.”

If you want to check out this trail, the best time to do it is from April to September.

Length: 10.5 miles

Natural Tunnel Trail

Natural Tunnel Trail is a unique trail that lets you walk through a 300-foot natural tunnel in your travels. This beautiful natural experience makes this one of the most unexpectedly wonderful hiking trails in Missouri.

The best time to experience this trail is from October until December.

Length: 7.7 miles

Hercules Glade Wilderness

This trail offers multiple loops to suit all needs. A beautiful trail, this offers access to horses and features a waterfall. This is part of the Mark Twain Natural Forest, making it perfect for book lovers!

This trail is open year round.

Length: 7.6 miles

Lake Trail

Lake Trail is perfect for a beginner hiker. With both heavily shaded areas and open rocky areas, it allows you to experience the two extremes of nature in a comfortable setting.

This trail is open year round.

Length: 3.2 miles

Drover’s Trail

This picturesque trail is known for its beautiful wildflowers. The chances of seeing wildlife are high as your cross over streams and hike through the wilderness. If you’re into sightseeing, this is the trail for you.

This trail is open year round.

Length: 2.6 miles (with a small loop of .25 miles being wheelchair accessible!)

Hidden Springs Trail

Hidden Springs Trail offers many lovely, unique experiences. Passing through everything from native woodlands to a small family cemetery, this is the perfect trail for someone who’s “seen it all.”

This trail is best hiked during Spring and Fall.

Length: 2.5 miles

Trail Through Time

Trail Through Time is known for its unique rock formations and seasonal waterfalls. An intriguing and mysterious experience, this trail is rated as moderate as there are some steep uphill climbs.

This trail is open year round.

Length: 1.9 miles

Pickle Creek Trail

Pickle Creek Trail is along a beautiful shut-in stream. The clear, sandy-bottomed stream is a beautiful sight to behold. If you feel peaceful at the sound of running water, this is the perfect trail for you.

This trail is open year round.

Length: 1.3 miles

The Shut-Ins Trail

This adventurous trail offers a beautiful experience that you can’t get anywhere else. With an optional stop at a swimming hole, this is a kid-friendly trail that’s perfect for a family vacation.

This trail is accessible year-round.

Length: 2.3 miles

Frenchman’s Bluff Trail

This loop is perfect for everyone from hikers to nature lovers. With chances to see local wildlife, this trail is a favorite of many.

Length: 1.6 miles

Looking for places besides hiking trails in Missouri?

We’ll give you information on the best hiking trails all over, from Washington and Oregon to California and Nevada.

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