These Hiking Trails in Kentucky will Change Your Life

Kentucky is wide and thin like if you viewed a pancake from the side.

But it’s full of natural lakes, rivers, mountains, and caves.

Hiking trails in Kentucky might even take you to some hidden rock climbing gems. But you might have to ask the locals where those are.

Here are some hiking trails that will just make your life better for hiking them.

1. Hiking Trails In Kentucky: Honker Lake Trail

Honker trail is forest trail that runs around and across Honker Lake. We say across because there is a man-made berm across the lake which will give you great fishing access if you want.

Once you enter the forest, you enter another world. The forest is young and plentiful. 

And don’t forget to go check out the Nature Station and the educational opportunities around there.

The trail is mild and 4.5 miles long around the loop.

2. The Beginner’s Hiking Trails In Kentucky: Woodland Walk

Getting kids out onto hiking trails will change their lives. If you develop this habit early on in life, it will stick with them through old age.

This is why Woodland Walk is a great place to take children to get them used to hiking.

The trail is easy at one mile. And the stroll is quiet and calm. It too goes along the Honker Lake at a different spot. But it’s much shorter and much milder.

3. Natural Bridge State Park

Natural bridges are amazing. And in Kentucky, they’re made of sandstone. Which makes them prime for great hiking trails in Kentucky.

A lot of natural bridges are too fragile for hiking in the United States. This is due to their lack of support. But the sandstone natural bridges in Kentucky are stable and great for hiking.

When you come across one, you are walking over a gorgeous river valley.

So don’t forget to go hiking at Natural Bridge State Park if you’re in Kentucky.

3. Cumberland Falls State Resort Park

As you may have guessed, the hiking trails in Kentucky Cumberland Falls State Resort Park wind near a set of falls.

This 60 foot falls drop into a gorge and are called the Niagra of the South.

They span 125 feet of the river gorge width.

The longest trail is the Moonbow Trail that begins at the falls. At night on a full moon, it’s said that you can see the moonbow at the entrance of the trail. 

4. Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area For The Most Hiking Trails In Kentucky

At 170,000 acres situated between Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley, you’re going to find plenty to explore here.

It features a 500-mile trail system that’s year round. And you can find plenty of wildlife and flora along the trails.

5. Fort Henry National Recreation Trail

If you’re looking for a long hike, then the Fort Henry National Recreation Trail is on of the greatest hiking trails in Kentucky.

It’s 29 miles long and mild. And it was used by the troops on both sides during the Civil War.


Any of these Kentucky trails will be great for a day stroll. Some might be more suited to backpacking.

If you’ve been hiking in Kentucky, let us know what your favorite trails are down in the comments below.

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