The Top 5 Hiking Trails in Kansas

There are a number of hiking trails in Kansas. Not all hiking trails, however, are created equal.

But just which hiking trails edge out all of the others?

From Cedar Bluff State Park to Konza Prairie Trail, we’ve got the scoop on which hiking trails you should visit.

Buffalo Track Canyon Natural Trail

Buffalo Track Canyon Trail is 1.5-mile-long trail located in the Ellsworth county.

The hiking trail is labeled as a “nature trail” because it’s a great place to observe wildlife. The area is also suitable for camping, walking, and running.

Not only that, but you can also bring your canine friends as long as they’re on leashes.

The best thing about the trail? Entry and parking are free. Just keep the fact that the trail isn’t a loop in mind.

Cedar Bluff State Park

Our next trail is located in Cedar Bluff State Park. The park is located “south of Ogallah, Kansas” and boasts geological and archaeological attractions.

Hikers who choose the Cedar Bluffs enjoy the beautiful “100 feet tall limestone and bluffs” the park has to offer.

As an added bonus, the park offers more than hiking. It also offers “fishing, boating (5 ramps), swimming, hunting, volleyball,” and a vast selection of other activities.

Chisholm Creek Park

Chisholm Creek Park is another natural park which has a trail for hopeful hikers. The trail is 1.6 miles in length and offers quite the sights.

This trail also has a wetlands area. As a result, hiking the trail will require some extra preparation.

Like the other hiking trails on this list, Chisholm has other attractions. These include an open shelter, a picnic area with grills, and fishing ponds.

Elk River Trail

The Elk River Trail is perhaps the most intense hiking trail on this list. 

So what makes it so intense?

Well, the Elk Riving Hiking Trail is a whopping 15-miles in length.

Don’t, however, let that length deter you. Hiker Ron Boyer assures hikers everywhere that “it’s a great trail with a lot of diversity.”

According to Boyer, there are “places you can run and places where you have to claw your way up along.” He also talks of meadows, streams, hardwoods, and rocky areas.

As you can tell, Elk River Trail is no walk in the park. You’ll need to come prepared to traverse its diverse paths.

Oh, and if you’re wondering when the best time to go is? Spring supposedly brings “thousands of lavender redbuds” to the trail.

Konza Prairie Trail

Hikers who have visited Konza Prairie Trail usually have nothing but good things to say about it. They seem to be especially fond of the various trails.

These trails come in many different lengths. One hiker even mentions a 6-mile trail.

If you choose to visit Konza, you’re also in for some amazing views. From “natural prairie” to “grasslands and tree groves,” Konza really is a picture perfect trail.

Go Out and Enjoy These Hiking Trails in Kansas

There are admittedly many more hiking trails in Kansas that are worth your time. We’ve just given you what some consider to be the cream of the crop.

That said, go out and enjoy these trails.

And if you don’t think you’ll ever make it to Kansas?

If you’ll be in New England anytime soon, feel free to check out some of the best hiking trails in New York. They’ll also give you the hike of your life.

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