You Won’t Believe These Great Hiking Trails in Idaho

Idaho is one of the greatest states in the nation. And it’s not just a place where we grow potatoes.

Most people think of the southern most part of our state when they think Idaho. But they usually don’t realize that a large portion of the state is covered in trees, mountains, rivers, and lakes.

And being the 14th largest state in the Union, we come with 80 recognized mountain ranges.

It’s really one of the most spectacular places on the planet.

Which is why we want to share with you some of the best hiking trails in Idaho.

1. Hiking Trails In Idaho Craters Of The Moon National Monument

Starting with something not so intense, but insanely awesome, we recommend visiting Craters of the Moon.

This is an ancient ocean of lava flows in in Central Idaho. You can go through some incredible caves and see the world as it would if the world flooded with lava then cooled.

It features two wheelchair accessible trails, so everyone can enjoy the monument.

2. Bruneau River Canyon

This is by far one of the premier hiking trails in Idaho. It’s a maze of canyons, rock spires, and red volcanic cliff.

It’s a fifty-mile long canyon. And you will have plenty of trails to hike from easy to challenging.

3. Saddleback Lakes Trails

This is a trail system that goes through the Sawtooth Wilderness. 

It’s right next to Stanley where you could get a nice room if you want. You can also fish the Redfish Lake, or go climbing one of the many crags.

4. City Of Rocks National Reserve

If you want 14,407 acres of Idaho wilderness to hike through go to City Of Rocks National Reserve. 

You can hike, mountain bike and bird watch here. And there are trails for every hiker, from beginner to expert.

You will see massive towers of granite intermittently jutting up into the sky along the 22 miles of trails.

It gets really dry here, so make sure that you bring plenty of water for this incredible and accessible adventure. A bit of food might not be a bad idea, either.

5. Priest Lake State Park

This is another easy access trail system. It’s located on Priest lake. And it covers the surrounding hills.

Resorts and campgrounds are nearby if you don’t want to camp.

In the winter, nordic skiing and snowshoeing are available. 

There are enough trails that go off into the surrounding forests that you could plan your yearly backpacking trip here.

And because we’re in the Northwest, you don’t have to worry about it getting too hot here in the summer.

6. Swan Falls Dam And Park

This is a great walk along the river with no fees at the trailhead.

Swan Falls is on the south side of the famous and wide Snake river. And because the park runs just along the river, you don’t have to worry about your camping spot. 

Every spot will be awesome.

Conclusion: Idaho Is Awesome!

We hope you think hiking trails in Idaho are awesome too. And after you visit here, we think you’ll know so too.

Have you gone hiking in Idaho? Let us know about your favorite trails in the comments below. 

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