Try These Breathtaking Hiking Trails in California

If you’ve ever been to the great state of California, you’ll know this place is more like a country than a state.

It has multiple climates, from rainforests, deserts, beaches, and mountains.

Picking the best hiking trails in California is hard because there are so many.

But, try we must. And this is nowhere near an exhaustive list. But here are a few of the best hiking trails in California.

1. Best Hiking Trails In California: Ediza Lake Trail

If you’re looking for beauty, you’ve found it. 

Near the spires of the Minarets and two over 14,000-foot peaks called “14ers,” these trails start out at in the Mammoth Lakes region of California.

It’s a strenuous trail, so if you’re up to the challenge this is a great place for either a day hike or a backpacking trip.

It’s 7.8 miles to Shadow Lake and back and 13.4 miles to Ediza Lake and back.

The trailhead sits at 8,322 ft. And Ediza lake is at 9,265 ft elevation. So you’re climbing almost 1000 feet in elevation there.

2. Sierra Buttes Lookout Trail

This is near the Sacremento Valley, and it looks out over the valley as well.

It is a 5.1 mile there and back trail. Not many people hike it, so you get a chance for peace and calm.

It’s near Sierra City, California. And it’s rated as a moderate trail.

It’s mostly just a hiking and trail running trail. And once you get to the lookout tower, you get a gorgeous 360-degree view of the whole Sacremento Valley. This makes Sierra Buttes one of the most awesome hiking trails in California.

3. Grant Grove Trails

If you’re making a road trip out of your visit to California, then it can’t be complete without a stop at Sequoia National Park.

The Grant Grove Trails go to some of the oldest living trees in the world. Making it one of the best hiking trails in California despite its ease.

Most of the more popular trails are easy and paved. The Grant Tree Trail goes to the General Grant Tree that President Coolidge proclaimed as the nation’s Christmas tree in 1926.

4. Siskiyou Wilderness Trails

Some of the best hiking trails in California are in the Siskiyou Wilderness.

Designated a National Wilderness in 1984, it spans a full 178,847 acres.

It’s full of forests and crags. Beautiful meadows and glades. Shallow lakes abound. And you can see the South Fork of the Smith River Rumbling along.

5. Salt Point State Park Trails

You can’t leave the state of California without catching one of our seasides state parks.

We span a large part of the west coast of the United States. You can imagine we have a lot of prime real estate for the best oceanside hiking trails in California.

This park features 20 miles of hiking trails and six miles of coastline. It also features an underwater park.


Can you feel the salt sea breeze already? It’s time to get on over to California and explore the many wonders of our hiking trails.

Have you been hiking in California? Let us know your favorite trails in the comments below. 

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