The 4 Most Beautiful Places to Go Hiking in Oklahoma

How often do you hear hikers say they’re hitting the trails to go hiking in Oklahoma?

Maybe not as often as many other states. But there’s some really great scenery and hiking to be had in Oklahoma.

Hiking in Oklahoma offers up stunningly diverse landscapes.

Here are four places to hike the beautiful scenery of Oklahoma.

The Wichita Mountains

About 100 miles southwest of Oklahoma City stand the Wichita Mountains, where 540-million-year-old granite peaks meet the tall grasses of the prairie. 

With more than 15 miles of trails, the Wichitas offer a huge variety of terrain from canyons to streams, mountains to grasslands, even lakes, that give hikers a huge variety to explore. 

And as varying as the terrain are the trails. Starting at the visitor center, there are shorter trails ideal for those with kids. 

Other trailheads offer up 1-hour, 2-hour, and 4-hour hikes through the preserve. 

And if you’re really adventurous, you could opt for the trails throughout Charon’s Gardens Wilderness Area. But beware.

Bring a map and plenty of water because it’s easy to get these trails confused with game trails. And phone coverage is spotty, at best.  

Gloss Mountain State Park

The Gloss Mountains range in central Oklahoma is unique for its fiery-hued shininess, created by layers of selenite.

The various mesas and buttes reaching upwards of 1,600 feet make up Gloss Mountain State Park.

Unlike the Wichitas, there’s only one trail here – the Cathedral Mountain trail. And the trail is only 1.2 miles round trip.

But for what it lacks in length and diversity, it makes up for with spectacular views of these amazing mountains. And some great photo opportunities.

It’s important to note though that there is no shade on this trail, so the best time to hike the Cathedral Mountain trail is either during the colder winter months or during sunrise or sunset. 

Robbers Cave State Park

You can tell from the name that this park has a history.

And it does. One that involves outlaws. But it’s also packed with unbelievable scenery, including great views of the scenic Lake Carlton and the San Bois Mountains.

Again, be sure to have a map and to stay on the trails with the blue blazed trees. Veering off could lead you to a treacherous climb with steep drop offs.

Unless, of course, that’s your thing.

McGee Creek Natural Scenic Recreation Area Loop

This little-known, but the gorgeous scenic area has over 25 miles of hiking trails and a number of camping areas. If hiking in Oklahoma means scaling scenic creek beds, rock formations and canyons to land at beautiful overlooks, then this is your place.

Because there’s so much to cover here, this place is great for doing a portion of the trial on a one-day excursion or spending a day or two backpacking through the entire trail system.

Keep in mind that if glamping is more your thing, the campsites within the area have virtually no amenities. 

We’re hearing about more and more beautiful places for hiking in Oklahoma. Do you have any you’d like to add? Let us know.

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