The 4 Greatest Places to Go Hiking in New Mexico

New Mexico’s 5 national forests and 27 state parks make it one of the most beloved hiking destinations in the world.

The best part of hiking in New Mexico is the variety of trails you’ll encounter. You won’t find better visuals in any other state.

Although there more than 4 premier hiking locations in New Mexico, we put together our short list of favorites.

Keep reading to find out what they are!

1. The Zuni-Acoma Trail

We kick our list off with one of the most unique hiking trails in the southwest United States.

Located near Cubero, New Mexico, the Zuni-Acoma trail stretches through 9 miles of beautiful terrain.

It’s not for the light-hearted, however. This trail is for more advanced hikers who don’t have a problem with traversing rough lava flows.

But the Zuni-Acoma trail rewards those who conquer it with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Plus, you can’t forget the countless lava fields and caves you’ll get to see. 

You don’t want to miss this trail if you go hiking in New Mexico. Just make sure you bring some tough, durable shoes, and don’t go in the dark, as you could easily get lost.

2. The Pine Tree Trail

By far the shortest on our list, this trail stretches for a little over 4 miles near Las Cruces, New Mexico.

However, there is plenty to get excited about. You won’t get a better look at the magnificent Organ Mountains.

To witness the pure beauty, you should hike this trail during the fall, as the leaves can range from yellow to red.

If you’re looking for a shorter hiking trail, the Pine Tree Trail is your ideal choice.

3. Wheeler Peak

If you’re looking for breathtaking views, Wheeler Peak is your go-to hiking destination.

Not for beginners, or the faint of heart, this hiking trail is an approximately 13 miles long round trip.

Along the way, you’ll have plenty of bighorn sheep, relaxing streams, and luscious greenery to keep you busy.

You should also consider taking plenty of magnificent pictures of Horseshoe Lake, or slow down with a camping stop at La Cal Basin.

Located in Toas Ski Valley, Wheeler Peak is the highest point in New Mexico, so there is no reason to skip this trail.

4. The Gila Loop Trail

Located near Glenwood, New Mexico, the Gila Loop trail is a 22-mile long loop that is perfect for hikers who love to camp.

This is a more advanced trail, but those who enjoy horseback riding can take a ride as well.

The Gila Loop trail features jaw-dropping views of mesas and the sparkling rivers Gila River

Some may feel overwhelmed as they move seamlessly from deserts to valleys.

However, if you like variety in your hiking trail, the Gila Loop provides plenty.

Make sure you complete this trail during your adventure.

Final Thoughts on Hiking in New Mexico

Remember, these are just a few of the many spectacular hiking locations in the gorgeous state known as the “The Land of Enchantment.”

From the sweeping views of Wheeler Peak to the lava bridges of Zuni-Acoma, New Mexico beckons hikers from around the world.

Now that you know some of the best spots, you can begin planning your trip to start hiking in New Mexico. 

Feel free to explore more content on our main page if you have any more questions related to hiking. 

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