The 5 Coolest Places to Go Hiking in Mississippi

Have you ever thought to go hiking in Mississippi?

Mississippi is abundant when it comes to getting out there and getting active in the wilderness so it is no surprise that they have some stellar hiking trails.  

So, you may be asking, what trails should I tackle when hiking in Mississippi? The following five spots are by far the coolest!

Clark Creek Primitive Trail, Woodville

Clark Creek Primitive Trail is great for those looking to exert a moderate amount of energy when hiking in Mississippi.

A 4.3 mile stretch of trail the includes waterfalls, wilderness, and wonderful views. Waterfalls range from 10′-30′!

The more strenuous parts of the hike are equipped with built-in stairs, making this a widely loved adventure for all.  

Hikers that are looking to get the “real deal” experience can even whip out their water shoes and hike through the streams.

Natchez Trace Parkway Cypress Swamp Hike, Canton

While it is short in duration, just a half mile long, the Cypress Swamp Hike does not fall short when it comes to spectacular views.

The trail is unique because it runs through a bald cypress swamp, providing ample photo ops to remember your experience hiking in Mississippi.

You will also find facts about the environment sprinkled along the way making this a perfect opportunity to combine education and fun!

Bonita Lakes Trail, Meridian

The perfect trail for all skill levels!

The Bonita Lakes have many trails to choose from and they are of varying difficulties. The main trail is laid with gravel which makes it perfect for beginner hikers

Whether you choose to travel on horseback or foot or by bike you will find something here. 

CCC Camp Trail at Tishomingo State Park, Dennis

If you are a lover of rock formations this is the place you’ll want to go hiking in Mississippi!

It is unique because in Mississippi you will rarely find rocky outcrops like the ones that you see lining these trails.  

Rated moderate, CCC Camp Trail runs through many streams and springs ultimately coming to an end at the Swinging Bridge. The highlight of this trail is without a doubt the Swinging Bridge.

Don’t forget to bring the pup!  The best hikes are the ones you take with your furry friends. Dogs are welcome as long as they remain on their leash.

Thacker Mountain Trail, Oxford

Don’t be mislead by the name, Thacker Mountain Trail is very flat, perfect for walking and biking!

Formerly a railroad, the 6-mile trail is classified as simple due to the fact that there is little to no elevation. 

The best part about Thacker Mountain is smaller trails split off from the main so there is always new territory to tackle.

Ready to hit the trails?

Are you ready to get out there and get moving?  It is time to get active! You can find even more awesome, nationwide hikes on our website. Put this information to good use and enjoy the beauty that is hiking is Mississippi!

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